Sunday 29 May 2016

This year we are thrilled to be offering not one but TWO collaborations with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Both with incredible Australian comedians and performers. Both are shows that the whole family can enjoy.


11 June

I am so desperately in love with these boys it is borderline embarrassing. I used to listen to their ‘Songs in a Hour’ on Triple J every week, then I started doing shows at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and started appearing on the same line-ups as them so totally kept my cool and pretended it was no big deal BUT IT WAS. And it still is that I now count them as friends and some of my favourite people in the industry. They are mad gamers and they have got together with a gaming superstar Austin Wintory to create this show. Austin has written the music for Assassin’s Creed and Journey for which he was nominated for a Grammy (the first gaming soundtrack ever to do so). He is a BIG DEAL. Tripod have used their obsession with all things gaming to write a show that, although is filled with gaming references, is still fantastic for someone (like me) who knows literally nothing about gaming except that it exists. They did this show first with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and now they are doing it with the fabulous Adelaide Symphony Orchestra for this one-off show. Come see these fabulous nerds in their element.

(I am posting 2 videos because LOOK AT THEIR LITTLE NERDY FACES! How can I not?)

Watch First Video

Watch Second Video


THE COMPOSER IS DEAD - Starring Frank Woodley with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
11 June

Frank is best known as one half of the incredibly successful and well-loved ‘Lano & Woodley’ (the other half – Colin Lane is also appearing in the festival with David Hobson in In Tails). Frank is a world class fool. His beautiful, charming slapstick and penchant for tomfoolery is perfect in this merging with the ASO in this piece created from the mind of Lemony Snicket and Nathanial Stookey. This is a show for the whole family and will not only make you laugh but introduce you to the delights of the orchestra. An absolute must see.

Watch Video


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