Saturday 28 May 2016

This year we have some amazing songwriters showcasing their work. As well as Tripod (who will feature in my ORCHESTRA bog post), Sammy J (COMEDY) and Die Roten Punkte (ANARCHY) we have the following performers from home and abroad.


16-17 June

Many of you will know Harry Shearer from his voice work on The Simpsons (Principal Skinner, Mr Burns, Ned Flanders), his roles in Spinal Tap and A Mighty Wind. He is also a well respected musician and, together with his Welsh-born songstress wife, he brings this show full of music and mirth. Their band includes Leland Sklar who has played on albums by Carole King, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell and you should expect a high standard of American folk sounds, beautiful songs and cutting edge political commentary.

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LANCE HORNE - First Things Last: Albulm Launch
19 June

There are a few key Musical Directors in cabaret that are the ‘go-to’ guys for some of the best performers in the world. Lance Horne is one of the best with credits under his belt for shows and recordings with Alan Cummings, Meow Meow, Amanda Palmer, Taylor Mac.. Not to mention Liza Minelli, The Scissor Sisters and our very own Kylie Minogue! 

But Lance isn’t just MD to the stars, he is also an Emmy award-winning songwriter and performer in his own right.  He is coming to the Festival with two shows including First Things Last – which is an album launch and concert. His album features the likes of Meow, Amanda Palmer, Alan Cummings and Rikki Lake. This show will also feature some special guests…

Lance is also the subject of a special Insights Workshop on Sunday 19 June. This is a free event but you must register to be a part of this workshop by emailing  It will be a rare opportunity to see and hear the creative process of a songwriter and MD at the top of his game.

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HUE BLANES - And the Moon
16-18 June

Whenever anyone asks Eddie Perfect what his Captain’s pick is from this year’s line-up he says Hue Blanes without missing a beat. Eddie has been a fan of this prodigiously talented jazz pianist, singer and songwriter for a while and this show marks his cabaret debut. I got to know his work earlier this year and I was immediately smitten. He is a charming performer who draws his audience into his whimsical world through sensitive playing, a creamy voice and original, thoughtful and darkly humorous songwriting. This is a real hidden gem of a show…

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JOHN THORN - Background Boy
15-17 June

I said earlier that there are a few key Musical Directors travelling around the world making some of the best cabaret performers sound good. Well John Thorn is one of them (alongside Charlie Zastrau who will be here with Sven Ratze). John has also played extensively with Meow Meow, Bob Downe and Caroline Nin. He has played for over 25 different shows in the Cabaret Festival’s 15 years and now he is stepping out from the background to perform his original songs. He will be joined by his daughter Bonnie, a terribly gifted young singer, and will also feature some surprise guests and beautiful moments.

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11-25 June


Eddie Perfect, himself one of our most gifted and borderline genius songwriters will be hosting these afternoons in what will be a relaxed but exceedingly insightful afternoon of song and stories. Join him in the Piano Bar for these free shows 11, 18, 25 June at 4.30pm. I recommend getting there early to guarantee a seat.

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(Sorry Ed - I love this song so found an excuse to post the video!)




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